About Becky + Eric

    Becky and Eric Constantinides of Constantly Being / A luxury conscious living and sustainability blog

    At Constantly Being, our goal is to shine a light on products, places, and ideas that encourage social equality and promote environmental protection.

    Eric and Becky Looking At Each Other

    Quick FAQ About Us

    • Happily married couple on a journey to be our best possible selves
    • San Jose, CA
    • Web developer & jewelry designer
    • Passionate about health & nutrition 
    • Deeply concerned about the environment and our impact on it
    • Mom & dad to Layla the papillon
    • Supporters of independent media
    • Microbiome obsessed
    • (inlove)
    Becky cute look

    About Becky Constantinides

    (As written by Eric)

    Becky is friggin' incredible! She took a slouch of a man like Eric and turned him into the stud he is today.

    Becky likes making jewelry and enjoys a good bottle of wine every now and again. You can often find Becky watching today's news, yesterday's news, and tomorrow's news all at the same time!

    Eric Constantinides of Constantly Being / A luxury conscious living blog

    About Eric Constantinides

    (As written by Becky) 

    Hi, I'm Eric. I'm super handsome and smart. I wake my wife up with a kiss everyday. She loves me so much. 

    If I'm not building websites or watching javascript and photography tutorials, I like to watch sports in super speed. Left to my own devices I would stand in the kitchen eating canned tuna or beans and Mary's crackers for every meal. 

    Layla staring at camera

    About Layla Constantinides

    Layla enjoys trying to put two balls in her mouth at the same time. She is in a serious relationship with a stuffed lion and she sleeps on her back like an otter.

    Layla is the cutest. Everybody loves Layla. If Layla were president, the world would come together as one.

    This is Becky + Eric's journey into Constantly Being…


    We believe it is important to be curious about the world. At Constantly Being, we find joy in the constant pursuit of new ideas and critical analysis of the world around us. We value the development of individual and collective knowledge and love to share ideas with others who understand that awareness is inextricably linked to personal growth and societal progress.


    To us, being ethical means having awareness of the short and long term effects of our actions. We eat ethically by limiting animal products and avoiding processed foods that cause deforestation. We also connect to the production of our goods and focus on being conscious of the environmental impact of our daily lifestyle choices.


    We love our natural lifestyle and feel empowered by choosing authentic, natural ingredients for our bodies and for our home. Our food is always organic when possible and we opt for chemical-free household cleaners, bath, body, and beauty products. 


    "Healthy" is different to each person but to us, healthy means treating our bodies and minds with the utmost respect. We choose nourishing foods to support our physical and brain health, exercise often, and allocate plenty of time to learning new things. We also make sure to balance work with fun outdoor activities and time to relax on the couch with a glass of wine and good documentary.


    We like to view happiness as a chemical reaction. We can get those feel-good dopamine bursts by artificial means - junk food, gambling, salacious tv - or we can choose to experience sustained long term happiness through authenticity, meaningful connection, and altruism. Treating your body well, treating your mind well, treating others well - those are all near guaranteed ways to be happy AF! 


    Caring for others is an intrinsic part of the human experience. We are biologically programmed to feel good when we give back. At Constantly Being, we care for others by fighting for equal rights and donating time with organizations working to protect our environment. We are devoted to making the world a more just place. 

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